Granny Block Spanner Spray (LIMITED EDITION)

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The granny block spanner is ideally suited for blocks of your crocheted, like your granny sqaures. The granny block release is available exclusively at Pera & Pasha. Block now several granny sqaures at once with the granny block tensioner

Granny block spanner ©

The Granny Block tensioner is used for the evenly stretching of the hand-made "Granny".

Material: Granny Block tension is built from sustainable materials. The base timber comes from environmentally friendly forests with FSC-certified and is treated with a waterborne parquet. The pins are made from sustainably produced galvanized steel. To place your crocheted easily on the base unit, the block pins are provided with a high quality powder coating, it also protects your crocheted.


  • Screw the supplied block pins on the base in the desired (block) form to the right (clockwise) in. With the included block pins grannies can be stretched at least 2.5x2.5 cm up to 30.0x30.0 cm.
  • Moisten very lightly your crocheted with a spray bottle before placing them on Granny Block Spanner.
  • Place your granny or another form on top of the block pins and slide crocheted slowly down to the bottom of the plastic coating but still just above the base.
  • Place your then optionally the second, third, fourth, etc. "granny" on top of the first.
  • Let your crocheted dry for several hours / days.
  • Remove your crocheted of the block pins in the reverse order.
  • The supplied pens are 12 cm long.

Scope of delivery: 1 x base: size 35x35 cm. 8 x plasticized block pins: size 12 cm. 1 x cotton bag.

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