Necmiye Colorful Unikat Mountain (Limited Edition)

€ 26.50

Brand: Royal Yarns
Product Code: NCMOU900-4
Availability: 5

Necmiye Colorful Unikat is a handmade wire that runs beautifully colored.

Necmiye Colorful Unikat is made in limited editions. Every time there are new colors will be devised. And also the composition of the wire will the seasons change with it.

Necmiye Colorful Unikat is a sphere that you can make a beautiful product. For example, create a big scarf with a sphere. The good Necmiye Colorful Unikat is that colors are running quite nicely. This allows you make a sphere a very nice product.

Hold the collection of Necmiye Colorful Unikat regularly so stay tuned!

  • ca. 250 g - 900 m
  • 100% Cotton
  • 5 Threads
  • Needle size 3-6

ATTENTION! Delivery time approx 2 weeks.

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