Yankee Candle Fruit Salad Large Jar

€ 29.75

Brand: Yankee Candle
Product Code: YCLJ172533
Availability: 2

Yankee Candle Fruit Salad is feeling juicy blend of fruit: melon, berries and citrus. Fruity and citrus perfectly complement each other and not only make an excellent recipe for a fruit salad, but also for relaxation full of surprising flavors. Please remember to keep the wick short (3 mm), this is the candle does not smoke and does it last longer.

This glass jar is convenient and easy to use, provides up to 150 hours a realistic flavor and traditional design makes your house a home.

Tips for use and safety regulations:

Burn the Yankee Candle is never more than 12 mm from the bottom. The glass can be hot and crack. The hot wax can cause a fire. Put the candle always on a heat-resistant substrate. If the candle goes smoke, take it off and trim the wick to 3 mm and insert it again. Never Burn candles out of sight.

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