Yankee Candle Macaron Treats Small Jar

€ 12.95

Brand: Yankee Candle
Product Code: YCSJ148005
Availability: 3

Yankee Candle Macaron Treats is the classic Parisian Macaron, sweet as it can be and lighter than air, with notes of vanilla, almond and natural sugar.

Top note: Raw Sugar Confectioners Sugar
Middle note: Cookies, Almond
Basic note: Vanilla

This glass jar is convenient and easy to use, provides up to 40 hours a realistic flavor and traditional design makes your house a home.

Tips for use and safety regulations:

Burn the Yankee Candle is never more than 12 mm from the bottom. The glass can be hot and crack. The hot wax can cause a fire. Put the candle always on a heat-resistant substrate. If the candle goes smoke, take it off and trim the wick to 3 mm and insert it again. Never Burn candles out of sight.

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