Yankee Candle Autumn Night Tea Lights

€ 9.95

Brand: Yankee Candle
Product Code: YCTL101606
Availability: 4

Available in stores from August 2016!

Yankee Candle Autumn Night; Herbstabend lädt Sie mit Noten von Waldboden und verträumt Intermezzi von Lavendel und Tannenduft 

Kopfnote : Bergamotte , Grapefruit, Schwarze Pfefferkörner 
Herznote : Lavendel, Ahornblatt 
Basisnote : Vetiver, Eiche

Our scented tea lights are ideal to create a unique atmosphere by using multiple tea lights or to obtain a fragrant accent in a small space. The burn time of this tea lights is 4 to 6 hours.

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